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Trekking in Zanskar

Trekking in Zanskar is remarkable experience for trekkers. Zanskar valley is situated between the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar mountains, the three arms radiating star-like towards the west, north and south from a wide central expanse. Here the Zanskar River comes into being by the convergence of its two Himalayan tributaries, the Stod/Doda and the Lingti-Tsarap Rivers. Heavy snows close in the region for almost seven months of the year and this isolation has helped preserving culture of Ladakh. There are numerous magnificent & famous Monasteries like Lingshet, Stongde, Karsha, Sani, Dzongkhul and Rangdum.


darcha, lamayuru darcha trek

Lamayuru Darcha Trek


28 Days / 18 Days Trek


Lamayuru - Padum - Darcha

lamayuru darcha trek

Sarchu Padum Trek


23 Days / 09 Days Trek


Sarchu - Phugtal - Padum

lamayuru monastery, lamayuru padum trek

Lamayuru Padum Trek


21 Days / 09 Days Trek


Lamayuru - Karsha - Padum

zangla, kanji zangla trek

Kanji Zangla Trek


22 Days / 10 Days Trek


Kanji - Lingshed - Zangla

pipiting moanstery, zangla jugtak trek

Zangla Jugtak Trek


21 Days / 09 Days Trek


Zangla - Lingshed - Jugtak

lamayuru darcha trek

Chadar Trek


23 Days / 15 Days Trek


Chilling - Padum - Nimoo